One day a Jinn called Aasha showed up at the teahouse to visit Sisman Tuccar. She came over to where Sisman was seated and sitting down right next to him put her hand on his leg. She said, “Hello Sisman my old friend. How are you going?”
“Not bad,” replied Sisman politely.
“You know,” she said, “these humans are so dumb. Each time I come back to pay a visit, things just get worse. The place is more cramped, there are more people everywhere, there’s more rush, more unhappiness and look the whole place is filthy. It’s really disappointing.”
Said Sisman, “Well, you know how things are here. So why do you bother to keep coming back?”
Said the Jinn Aasha, “Well you know Sisman, I’m a bit like you. I like the taste of the baklava you get here. You can’t find it anywhere else in the universe, and believe me I’ve tried!”