The amusing thing about the human species is the lack of love and interest in the act of living. Human beings may spend fifty, sixty, ninety years on this planet without loving life and the act of living, as well as without loving the planet itself.

When there is no identification with the thought structure the neuro-chemical system containing the conditionings which you call thought, memory, knowledge, experience is totally and unconditionally relaxed. In the soil of unconditional relaxation there is no expectation, no waiting for something to happen.

If the system is allowed to be in that total relaxation, there is a marvellous emptiness of the consciousness. Then is released the energy of totality, of wholeness, which could be called “Intelligence” – the energy of perceptive receptivity, perceptive sensitivity. It has no conditionings, it has no contents. It is only in the release of that energy of totality, of perceptive sensitivity, of intelligence, that individuality can flower.

Meditation is not practicing any techniques or methods. How can one nurse such illusions that sitting down for hours, chanting certain mantras, or concentrating on something, is meditating?

Vimala Thakar
From Flame of Life: Discourses of Vimala Thakar