What is intelligence? Most people associate intelligence with the sharpness of mind of the highly educated person or the brilliance of the academic, the engineer, the doctor or the scientist. Yet intelligence is always operating. It is regulating the body and enabling it to operate and function. It is what is enabling you to think thoughts and to do the things that you like to do. It is organizing the cosmos. The planetary motions and the coming and going of the seasons. Despite the constant and uninterrupted presence of this intelligence it is virtually unacknowledged. It is unseen.
How it happens no one can say, but when the clamouring of the incessant demands and occupations of the mind falls away this intelligence-energy operating through the organism might start to make itself known both energetically and in the quality of awareness that one experiences. When it starts to occur it is a complete surprise and also perplexing for one has not been acquainted with such a thing before.
It is something utterly unusual and yet completely natural at the same time. Every moment is a newness. A first moment of creation. The operation of this intelligence has nothing to do with either the dual or the non-dual for these are just the arbitrary classifications of the thinking mind. It is something which in truth has no name and is unclassifiable. It is a complete mystery.