Samsara = nirvana

The tantrics of the late first millennium were notorious for turning everything upside down and upsetting people. They said, “samsara is nirvana”. Now, that was a shocking thing to say back then and even today there are people who would probably be outraged by such a statement.
But what did they mean by this exactly? By samsara they were referring to your very existence-being here and now in this world. Not some other imaginary world or parallel universe. And by nirvana they were referring to the wellspring of the innate as freedom-bliss-ease.
So, what they were really saying was that when you remove all the layers of your conditionings, your fantasies and your imaginings, your existence-being right here and right now, is the very fabric of this freedom-bliss-ease that you are looking for. They are not different. They are one and the same.