Five bodies

In the tantra that emerged during the first millennium in India it became customary to describe the different dimensions of the human being in terms of bodies or fields of function. This led to a proliferation of different esoteric theories and yogic ideas concerning these bodies. Some systems propounded five bodies, some seven, some nine and some even more. Whilst there are many equally plausible explanations of these bodies it really comes down to this.
The first body is the manifestation body. It is the body of form as the shape that you have assumed for yourself. The second body is the emotional body. It is the body of all the things you love and dislike. The third body is the mental body. It is the body of the multiplicity of all your beliefs, ideas and imaginings. The fourth body is the energy body as the wellspring of all your desires. And the fifth body is called no-body. It is called no-body because it’s the house where nobody lives.