Old stories

Nowadays people aren’t much interested in old stories. And besides, when it comes to old stories, the thing is that you never can tell whether they are true or not. The only way of telling is to find out for yourself. Nevertheless, here is a very old story about a pilgrim who wanted to meet the beloved.
Hearing talk of the beloved, a pilgrim once went to visit a certain mystic of light who lived a long time ago in central Asia and asked, “I have heard about the beloved and I am interested in meeting her. How may one come to meet her?”
The mystic replied, “You must understand that this is not for everybody. But if you are really interested, first you must go to the house where nobody lives and wait there patiently. You should go there every day. If you are devoted and your heart is soft enough the beloved might take notice of you. Then one day out of curiosity to meet you, the beloved may decide to pay you a visit.”
Asked the pilgrim, “How will I know if it is the beloved who visits and not somebody else?”
Replied the mystic, “You needn’t worry about that. You will know. When the beloved arrives, the house where nobody lives will turn into the house of illumination.”