A cat with two heads

You may think you know all about it. But let me tell you that life is like a cat with two heads. It is a strange thing indeed. You will never capture its essence in your net of ideas and ideology. You will only drive it away. You might well study all the metaphysics in the world yet I can assure you that what it is will still elude you. You may think that you have grasped it, yet it will have already run out from between your fingers. On the one hand you might attribute no worth to it. And yet its worth will become apparent to you when it has slipped by. On the other hand, you might go around and proclaim its great worth. Yet your proclamations will only belie the lack of worth that you have really discovered.
Life is a strange thing indeed. The value of a person is hardly noticed when they are there. It is only realized in their absence. It is not until they are gone that they are truly noticed. They are suddenly seen most clearly in their absence. Freedom is appreciated least by those who have it. Freedom is appreciated most by those who have been without it. Those who have not known oppression of the heart cannot properly relish the taste of freedom. The delicate flavour of water is known most keenly by those who have been most thirsty. Without thirst the true delight of water is never fathomed. Love is not properly known through proximity. The true measure of love is ultimately only known through separation. Its depth is known by the degree of pain that it brings.