The framing of the shot

If you have ever taken photographs, you will already understand about two things. The first is the seeing of the thing. This is very important because there are lots of things to see. And what one person sees another doesn’t and vice versa. Indeed, the cosmos is constantly conjuring up things to be seen. However, one might go around and see everything that there is to see and yet one will not have actually seen anything at all. So, it is said that it is better to see one thing clearly than a hundred things without seeing them.
The second is the framing of the shot. It’s not possible to take in everything at once so there has to be the framing of the shot. You see this is because the seeing of everything is tantamount to seeing nothing. The everything must be differentiated into the something in order for it to be meaningful. It is out of the infinite that the actual is established in the particular. In the same way the cosmos itself cannot see everything that there is to see, so it needs your eyes to see through. It’s through your eyes that it frames the shot.