Is a shoe just a shoe?

If you go to a shoe shop you will see lots of shoes. Some are finely crafted and well-proportioned whereas others might be a bit more prosaic. There’s actually no limit to the kinds of shoes you might see. Nevertheless you might well take the view that a shoe is a shoe is a shoe. In which case for you one is probably as good as another.
Now when it comes to the question of consciousness one might ask whether consciousness is one uniformity. Whether it is just one shoe. Or whether this shoe can express itself in a multitude of fashions. What if consciousness is much more alive, dynamic and reflexive than you think? What if how it is experienced is actually determined by you? By how you see things. By the limits you impose upon it.  By the quality of energy and attention you infuse into it. By how observant you are. By how awake you are. If this is the case doesn’t this change things? Aren’t you going to have to reconsider things?