The cycle of things

If you want to understand life, you have to observe the cycle of things. Everything moves in rhythms and cycles. First and foremost are the seasons. Spring, summer, autumn and winter. Spring represents potentiality. It is energy accumulated. It is when the energies are at their fullest. Non-form has not yet taken form. It is fluid and unfixed. In summer there is the coming into shape of things. Energy is expended. Non-form becomes form. The unfixed becomes the fixed. Autumn is the start of form returning to non-form. It is disintegration. It is energy dissipated. And winter is death. It is energy spent. This cycle is seen in the procreative act itself and in the passage of life of the human being. All the activities of human beings also pass through this same cycle. If you want to live long and live well you must understand what this means.