There is a lot of talk about awareness. But no matter how much you talk about it, it cannot be produced. It is not something that can be manufactured. You cannot make yourself aware. Awareness is the property of intelligence. It emerges in proportion to your distractedness diminishing.


There is the assumption that what is here today will be here tomorrow. One assumes such things. And yet there are no assurances of any kind that this will be the case. In fact our experience tells us otherwise. People who were here but yesterday are no longer here today. Civilizations that were here yesterday are nowhere to be seen today. In the same way, one day you’ll wake up and you’ll be gone too.

What’s cooking in the pot

If you want to see what’s cooking in the pot, you have to lift the lid. Unless you examine what’s going on both inside and out and how each affects the other, you’ll never come into the understanding of things. Inner freedom and equipose come from patient observation and reflection. It’s not something you buy in the supermarket. It is the lifelong activity of intelligence.

They all come together

There is a natural relationship between interest and attention. Where interest goes, attention follows. And where there is attention there is energy. They all come together. If you are genuinely interested in your existence then there will be attention. It is not a question of either coersion or believing anything you didn’t believe before.

Looking at reality

Coming into the understanding of things is not a matter of consensus or agreeing with what somebody says. And it’s not a matter of choosing a ready made suit from the rack. That’s not how it works. Each discovery that is made has to be made for oneself. You can’t look at reality through somebody else’s eyes.

What you don’t see

What you don’t see is what you don’t see. That’s how it is. The very thing that is trying to understand and make sense of all the things that make no sense, is the very thing that makes sense. This thing that is looking and trying to put things in order is the thing that you are looking for. But you won’t see it until you see it. When you see it, you immediately return to the place that you never left. But in returning there, you won’t have returned anywhere at all.

The third question

The third question is the cosmological “why” question. This question can be examined from many sides but in essence this question is, “why is there something rather than nothing?” Why should something have come out of nothing? Or to put it differently, why is nothing appearing to itself as something? And why should it pretend to be something other than what it is? What is this game of hide and seek that it is playing with itself?

The second question

The second question, or the “what” question is a question of a different order to the “who” question. When you postulate the “what” question you are asking at a non-personal level what it is that is present in the human being that gives it sentience and enables it to experience, to know and to come into the understanding of things. It is a question ultimately about the operation of the life-intelligence and its source.