The whole world

If you want to see the whole world you needn’t go far. Take the bus. Go down to the market place. The whole world is right there. The rough and the smooth. The hard and the soft. The high and the low. The dapper and the ragged. The tyrant and the indentured. The bookish and the unbooked. The dreamer, the idiot, the swindler, the healer and the charlatan. The mercenary. The mistress of the house and the concubine. The well and the unwell. The beautiful and the ugly. The holy and the unholy. The saved and the unsaved. The unsavable. The irreconcilable. Open your eyes. Take a good look. What do you see? Don’t you recognize your own face?

Short fingers

It is said that to be a good pianist you should have a hand with long fingers. That way you can reach more notes on the keyboard. But even with a hand with short fingers, it can be surprising how far those fingers can reach. In the same way, when it comes to coming into understandings, a person has to be prepared to reach a little. Now most people find reaching for things troublesome. They say, “My arm isn’t long enough. Your arm is much longer than mine. You reach for me.”

Running water flows

When a thing is in balance you don’t even notice it. There’s no friction. No tension. There’s nothing to talk about. But when a thing is out of balance it’s easy to see. A bicycle that’s out of balance wobbles. A chair with one leg longer than the other is unstable. A machine on the blink gets erratic. In terms of the person, coming into balance means that all the energetic layers of the inner being align. The essential being falls into kinetic equilibrium. Inner and outer come into proper relationship. The blocked unblocks. The disconnected connects. The closed opens. The contracted expands. Running water flows.

The good

I don’t know why but for some peculiar reason people confuse the good with the not good. They think that they are the same thing. But some things are good and some are not. That’s why a good thing is a good thing and a thing which is not good is not a good thing. However, all this has nothing to do with the good. The good is the good irrespective of whether a thing is good or not good. The fact that a thing is not good does not affect the goodness of the good. The goodness of the good is always good. The good is something which reveals itself to you when you resolve. It emerges like a mountain spring bubbling up out of the ground. The more you resolve, the more it bubbles up.

Bending around

Things are always exactly what they are. But there is simply no one way that things are. How things appear to you and how you experience them is shaped by you. The canvas of your existence is an infinite reflexivity. If you lean to the left, it leans to the left. If you lean to the right, it leans to the right. If you lean forwards, it leans forwards with you. If you lean backwards, it leans backwards with you. It is constantly bending this way and that just to accommodate you. Take a good look. What is small bends into the big. What is big bends into the small. What is unimportant bends into the important. What is important bends into the unimportant. What is not there bends into the there. What is there bends into the not there. Everything is constantly bending this way and that. Think on it. Which way are you going to bend it next?

A pile of bricks

It’s difficult for a person to change the way he sees things. The more he sees things in a certain way, the more things appear to be the way he sees them. So, when a person gets set in his thinking it’s hard to change that thinking. The more the person has been thinking the thoughts he’s been thinking, the more difficult it is. One thought sits on top of another and another on top of that. As the days pass by they all pile up one on top of another. Like a pile of bricks. Even with a hammer it’s difficult to knock it down.

Fixing things

If you have something that needs fixing, you have to know where to take it. When your car doesn’t work, you take it to the mechanic. When your body isn’t working properly, you take it to the doctor. When your mind goes out of order, you take it to the psychiatrist. And when your soul has a problem, you take it to the priest. Now in case you think I know about fixing things, I’ll tell you straight out, I don’t. I’m not somebody who is good at fixing things. In fact, whenever I try it usually doesn’t go well. The thing ends up more broken than before. I’m just not a good fixer of things. So, if you have something that needs fixing you have to go and see somebody who knows about fixing things. I only know about unfixing things.

Marking time

It is commonly believed that life is marked out by the passage of time – by the passing of the years. One year to the next. Years that have been decorated and embellished by the happenings of life. Others would contend that life is measured by what has been achieved and accumulated along the way. The monuments built and the accolades received. And these are ways of looking at things and you can’t say that they are exactly wrong. However, from another perspective altogether it might be said that life is not marked out by any of these things at all, but rather by the splashes of love that have accidentally landed in your heart and the understandings that you have been invited into.

Getting resolved

I don’t know much about music. However, I have been told that in classical music each piece must resolve. In the same way, you have to resolve. Until you resolve you will be going here and there. You’ll be scratching your head about things. You’ll be attaching yourself to this idea or that. You’ll be stumbling around knocking things over. You’ll be bumping into things. It’ll be one disaster after another. But don’t worry. Just keep at it. Keep stumbling around. Keep knocking things over. One way or another, if you keep at it, you will resolve. Everything resolves in the end. You will resolve too.