That’s the thing

People go around assuming that things are things. And that the things that are things are the things that they imagine that they are. And then they get upset when those things disappear or turn into something else. But that’s the thing you see. All things are always on their way to becoming something else. You just can’t have a thing that doesn’t change. A thing that doesn’t change is not a thing. The condition of a thing being a thing is that it can’t remain as it is. You see if just one thing remained as it is, then everything would have to remain as it is. And if everything remained as it is then nothing could ever change. And if nothing ever changed you couldn’t have any things. Because you can’t have a thing that stays the same. It simply wouldn’t be a thing.


Ideas are ubiquitous. Some people really like ideas. And others don’t. But whether you like them or not, it seems you can hardly get away from them. Now you might well say that you are somebody who doesn’t have to deal with them. But probably you’re just not seeing them. You see, first there’s the idea of the thing. And then there’s the thing. The idea comes first and then the thing follows. It follows just like a dog following a man in the street. The man goes around the corner. And what do you know? The dog goes round too. That’s how things are. So where do ideas come from? It’s difficult to say. But for what it’s worth, I’ve heard people say that for the most part you get them from other people. You inherit them or you acquire them. Or else you borrow them.

Renouncing the world

Just as some people are very keen on the idea of standing on your head, some people are very keen on the idea of renouncing the world. They seem to think that it’s a good idea and that you should take it up. Whether it is or not I suppose rather depends on how you see it. But if you examine the idea carefully you might conclude that such gestures are rather futile. Or even absurd. Absurd, because of the impossibility of it. After all, the world you may seek to renounce is actually in your own mind. And so, how on earth will you renounce it? You cannot renounce it any more than you can renounce your own mind. You can come to understand the world through careful observation and modify your activities accordingly, but that is not renunciation. That is called coming into the understanding of things. It is intelligence.