When it comes to this business of coming into understanding, it is much easier for a person to come into understanding through bliss and delight than it is through sour words and deprivations. But even so, it seems that there are people who prefer to dally and insist on receiving their full measure of discomfort and un-ease.

A kangaroo and a fish

There is the assumption that because all people have two legs, two arms and a head that they are all pretty much the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is more difference between human beings than there is between a kangaroo and a fish. Life expresses itself through each brain and nervous system completely differently. And if you think about it, why shouldn’t it? And who is to say that the way that life expresses itself through you today will be the same as tomorrow?

The explanation of things

The mind that is on the move is always seeking the explanation of things. It wants to know where things came from before they began. And it wants to know where things will go after they have ended. Frustrated by its own inability to understand what can’t be understood within the limited spectrum that it operates in, it designs and creates ontologies for itself to believe. But the mind that has stopped moving has no requirement for explanations. It has no need for ontologies of any kind.

The contours of life

When it comes to beauty each person sees something different. Some see little of it and some see more. Some see it here and some see it there. One sees the harmonious symmetry of the face and another the hidden smile behind it. One sees the curvature of the body and another the choreography of the movement. One hears the melody of the voice and another sees the patterning of the dress and the curation of the clothes. In the same way a person who is alive to the nuances and contours of life can come into understanding from many sides.

The 7 planets

According to the ancients when a person comes here they fall under the gravitational fields of the seven planets. The seven planets are Luna, Mercury, Venus, Sol, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Each one exerts a force over the person and determines the characteristics of the person whilst he is here in the world. However when a person starts to free himself of the influences of the seven planets that control him, he returns to the eighth.

Assignment of jobs

In this world everybody who comes here is assigned some kind of job. Whether you like it or not you are assigned a job. Some are appointed to sit in the back of long black limousines and others to be their drivers. Some are appointed to wait and others to lunch. Some are appointed to put together and others to take apart. Some are appointed to fix and others to get fixed. Some are appointed to save and others to get saved. You see there are all kinds of jobs. So perhaps now you are wondering what my job is. My job is to send people dispatches about the things that nobody needs to know.

From another perspective

Just as there’s not only one way of looking at a thing, there’s not just one way of looking at the four elements. You can also think of the four elements as the fundamental attributes of cosmic existence. Earth represents the dimension of structure and form which manifests as coherence. Air represents the dimension of intelligence which expresses itself as sentience. Fire represents the dimension of energy which reveals itself in the unfolding of potentiality. And water represents the dimension of feeling which expresses itself in inter-relatedness through the axiological aspects of being.

The 4 elements

Some people want to know what the world is made of. So let me explain to you exactly what the world is made out of. In the ancient world people knew what the world was made of. People today don’t believe it. But the world is made out of the four elements. Earth, Air, Fire and Water. You can experience them directly in different ways for yourself. Earth represents anything that appears to be there and you can grab with your hand. Air represents anything you can’t quite grab with your hand. Fire represents anything that happens to turn into something else.  And water represents anything that won’t stay still.