Is anybody there?

One day Sisman Tuccar was wandering about in the neighbourhood when he completely lost his way in the labyrinth of small streets. Finding himself in the middle of a hidden courtyard and not knowing where he was, he called out, “Is anybody there?”
Woken from her afternoon nap the Beloved looked down from her balcony and saw a man with a moustache. Thinking he was a robber she called back, “Who are you, you scoundrel? How did you get in here?”
Replied Sisman, “I am Sisman Tuccar, the trader in antiquities. I think you might have left the back gate open by mistake.”

You won’t believe it!

One day Sisman Tuccar was conversing with somebody at the teahouse when the man said, “You won’t believe it! I found this amazing sweet shop on the other side of town. The borma and the bulbul baklava are like nothing you’ve ever tasted before.”
Immediately interested Sisman Tuccar asked, “How did you find it?”
Replied the man, “Well, after wandering around for a while and taking a number of right turns and wrong turns, suddenly there it was!”
Said Sisman, “Tell me the wrong turns you took so that I can find it too.”

A good price

I don’t generally like to engage in brazen advertising and indeed I do find it somewhat distasteful. However, people have asked me about Sisman Tuccar and what he sells in his shop. In answer to this I would say that Sisman sells emptiness as the fundamental ungraspability of all phenomena.
So, if you are interested in buying some emptiness, I encourage you to stop by Sisman Tuccar’s shop and buy from Sisman Tuccar. Generally, he’s prepared to haggle a bit and as far as I’m aware he’s always willing to offer a good price.