Vimala Thakar discourses Mt. Abu 1998 Part I

Excerpts from talks given by Vimala Thakar at Mt. Abu in 1998

The wholeness of life

In life “things” do not exist, but whatever exists is a being – the earth is a being, the galaxies in the solar system are beings, the oceans, the mountains are beings. What does that mean? It means that they are intelligent companions of the human race. You cannot talk even of a particle of matter as a thing because it contains a quantum of energy defying human mathematics or logic. It has its own energy of intelligence.

Life (you may call it the cosmos) is self-generated. There is no creator or personal god who created it all and remained outside of it. It is a self-generated, self-controlled and self-regulated phenomenon. Life seems to be an intelligence. An energy of intelligence that has been unwinding, uncovering, manifesting itself for millions and billions of years and yet has remained ever virgin and ever fresh.

I call life infinite and eternal. It has defied the human calculations of time and it has defied all the measurements which human beings have carved out with the help of the intellect and the brain. Life is an infinite and eternal phenomenon which is essentially intelligent and that intelligence is incorporated in a blade of grass, in an elephant and in a human being. Life is an expression of this eternal intelligence.

Life is multi-dimensional

The dimension of the visible

Life being multi-dimensional every dimension has its own peculiar and unique energy. We have the dimension of the visible, sensual, material world. This world has its own autonomous energy because when the un-manifest becomes manifest and willingly imprisons itself in a form, the form by itself generates an energy which is not in the formless.

The forms, the shapes, the sizes, the ingredients of the visible and the sensual, the material world, have a number of energies, a variety of energies which are constantly interacting among themselves. And so the visible, the sensual and the material becomes an extremely attractive and interesting dimension of life because of that interaction.

The interaction among the energies constitute what we call change. It is ever changing. The material world is ever changing in form, in shape, in colour, in the ingredients and the constituents. The emerging, the growing, the decaying and what you call the dying – all these aspects of the sensual and visible with which we must live, are tremendously fascinating. What you call everyday life is our interaction with this material world of forms and with its energies.

The dimension of the invisible

The other dimension is of the invisible life. There is the visible life and then there is the invisible or the extra-sensory or transcendental. It is invisible to our sense organs but it is visible to the brain, to the conditioned energy of the mind which has a unique kind of perception.

Knowledge is a kind of perception. At the sensual level you perceive through the senses, the eyes, the nose, the ears, the skin etc. But on the mental level, the cerebral organ is equipped with an energy of knowing, of interpreting, of memorizing and of recollecting. So there is perception, interpretation, retaining of the sensation that perception has brought about, memorizing it and re-using it, repossessing it if and when needed. The cerebral, the psychological is also a dimension of life which cannot be ignored.

The sensual, the material is limited by the very nature of its manifestation. It is limited by space and time. For example, your body and my body was born at some moment in time and it is going to die on some day. It is limited by space and it is limited in time and therefore living becomes a fascinating phenomenon because it is going to end someday. Limitations do not constitute a bondage. They have their own fascination and uniqueness. The cerebral, the mental, the invisible is less limited than the physical.

The physical is limited by space and time, while the mental, the cerebral, the invisible, the transcendental, the esoteric is not limited by space. For example, you are sitting here in Mt. Abu in a particular building and through the faculty of a certain mental sensitivity you can simultaneously be in Norway or wherever you want to be. It is possible to mentally see what your relatives are doing there, you can feel it by telepathy, by clairaudience and through clairvoyance.

So there is this invisible dimension of life, and it is because of this mental and cerebral dimension that the human race has created an abstract world of knowledge. You know what knowledge is? When the actual sensual encounter, the interaction between that which is surrounding you and yourself – when that experience is described through words, it becomes an abstract piece of knowledge. Knowledge is abstract, experience is a concrete event. You create an experience out of it by using your inheritance which is your knowledge. The world of abstraction, ideas, theories, ideals, goals, aims, objectives, philosophies, theology, literature, all the sciences and social sciences are the flowering and blossoming of the capacity to create an abstract notion, an ideal, a verbal description.

The physical is knowable and yields to knowledge to a very great extent but we cannot say we know the material world fully. Life is a mystery, some part of it is knowable and some remains unknowable. As the visible is knowable, the invisible is also knowable and can be experienced. The esoteric sciences of tantra, mantra yoga, raja yoga etc. have been experimenting with the transcendental, trans-sensory dimension of life and exploring the sounds and the co-relation of sound energy with the neurological and chemical composition of the body. Words generate feelings and words can also generate tensions because words are composed of sound energies which have been interpreted by the human race and codified and systematized into traditions and customs.

The dimension of the infinite

In the multi-dimensional phenomenon of life, just as there is the visible and the invisible which are to a certain extent knowable, there is also the dimension of the infinite and the eternal which transcends the cerebral organ and transcends the sphere of thought.

By way of example, on a moonlit night your being gets flooded with love, not because of any self-centred motivation but by the intimate presence of the moonlight. There is no effort on your part, no motivation, no mental movement. Suddenly the whole being gets flooded with a cheerfulness, a sense of energy or rejuvenation by this interaction between the rays of the moon and yourself.

It seems to me that there is a dimension beyond the cerebral and the senses which is not knowable and measurable. Emptiness cannot be measured, silence cannot be measured, love cannot be measured or quantified, the tenderness of compassion cannot be verbalized.

Life is expressed in the dimensions of the visible and invisible which are to some extent knowable. But the essence of life is a mystery which is completely unknowable. Even if you stretch your brain and the capacity of thought, you will not be able to measure or analyse this omnipotent and omnipresent energy of intelligence which permeates and interpenetrates life everywhere.

Divinity is immeasurable. It is a mystery that can be felt. On the visible level you feel with the senses, in the invisible you feel with the mind or the brain with the help of thought and then in the infinite or timeless, the mysterious can be felt with your whole being. For me to live religiously is to live simultaneously in the three dimensions of the visible, the invisible and the infinite.