About Sisman Tuccar

In recent years a lot of people have asked me about Sisman Tuccar. And the more that I have tried to keep my mouth shut, the more people’s curiosity has been aroused. In the end you don’t want people to start losing sleep over nothing, so perhaps that’s the reason that I finally relented and agreed to do something about it.

I first met Sisman Tuccar a long time ago when I was in my early twenties and spent far too much of my time listening to what he had to say. I’m not sure that it either got me anywhere or did me any good at all. In fact I’m pretty certain that it didn’t. I had never planned on meeting the man. You know, you can’t plan these things. They just happen. A series of accidents that are no accident you might say. It was really almost too much of a coincidence. However in life as you may one day find out for yourself, nothing much is coincidence.

People have asked me what Sisman Tuccar was like. Well that’s a bit like asking what the weather is like. One moment it might be raining and then the next moment the sun is shining. So you couldn’t really say that Sisman Tuccar was either like this or like that. All you could say with any certainty was that you didn’t know what might be coming next.

Some said that Sisman was the thirteenth generation great grandson of Nasir ud-din Mahmood al-khoji of Herat but I never heard him talk about it himself. Some speculated that he was from a line of Qalandariyya. Others said that he was a tantric. I suspect myself that he was a tantric but he would never divulge anything. The more you asked the more evasive he became. All the same, you shouldn’t get the wrong idea. If you had met him in the street you wouldn’t detect the slightest difference between him and the next person. He even wore the same style of cheesy moustache that was the fashion at the time. By trade he made his living as a merchant selling antiquities that nobody really wanted. And then on the side when he wasn’t busy, he was selling people something they already had. He used to call it the thing that’s between what’s already gone and what hasn’t yet arrived.

Sisman used to spend a lot of time at the teahouse which is where I first met him. He had a real sweet tooth and had a liking for those middle-eastern sweetmeats. Often people would come to see him to ask him this or that. Mostly it was trivial stuff. But as to the thing that he was selling, people didn’t seem to be very interested in it at all. Anyway, one day when we have more time, I’ll tell you more about him.

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