Bending around

Things are always exactly what they are. But there is simply no one way that things are. How things appear to you and how you experience them is shaped by you. The canvas of your existence is an infinite reflexivity. If you lean to the left, it leans to the left. If you lean to the right, it leans to the right. If you lean forwards, it leans forwards with you. If you lean backwards, it leans backwards with you. It is constantly bending this way and that just to accommodate you. Take a good look. What is small bends into the big. What is big bends into the small. What is unimportant bends into the important. What is important bends into the unimportant. What is not there bends into the there. What is there bends into the not there. Everything is constantly bending this way and that. Think on it. Which way are you going to bend it next?

Is a shoe just a shoe?

If you go to a shoe shop you will see lots of shoes. Some are finely crafted and well-proportioned whereas others might be a bit more prosaic. There’s actually no limit to the kinds of shoes you might see. Nevertheless you might well take the view that a shoe is a shoe is a shoe. In which case for you one is probably as good as another.
Now when it comes to the question of consciousness one might ask whether consciousness is one uniformity. Whether it is just one shoe. Or whether this shoe can express itself in a multitude of fashions. What if consciousness is much more alive, dynamic and reflexive than you think? What if how it is experienced is actually determined by you? By how you see things. By the limits you impose upon it.  By the quality of energy and attention you infuse into it. By how observant you are. By how awake you are. If this is the case doesn’t this change things? Aren’t you going to have to reconsider things?

There and not there

One of the reasons that it is so difficult to talk about the mind or the psyche is that you cannot physically see or touch it. If you say it’s there as something tangible you won’t find it. If you say it’s not there you are a fool. It is both there and it’s not.
It is a transparency that you swim in. When it is dark it becomes opaque. You can’t see anything. It is like a solid constricting mass. But when it is clear and the light shines through you can look through it. You’ll be surprised by how far you can see and the bewildering array of laughing fish that live there.


In life there’s usually two parts to a thing. There’s a left and there’s a right. In the same way there are two parts to transmission. There’s a transmitter that transmits. And then there’s a receiver that receives. If there is no transmitter transmitting, there is nothing to receive. And if there is no receiver capable of receiving then there is nothing to receive.
To receive the transmission the receiver needs to be switched on. That’s the first thing. And it needs to be in working order. I mean if it’s out of order it won’t receive properly, will it? And also, if the receiver is trying to transmit when it should be receiving then it can’t receive either. It will be jammed up with its own signals. Nothing will come through. So, you see it’s really simple. To receive all the receiver needs to do is receive. That’s all.