The Verses of the Isha Upanishad

The Ishavasya Upanishad

Invocation of peace

That is complete. And so this is complete.
From completeness comes completeness.
When completeness is taken from completeness
completeness always remains.

Aum shanti shanti shanti.

Verse 1.

The real is in the hearts of all.
There is only the real.
Why bother with the unreal?
There’s nothing you can possess.
All belongs to the real.

Verse 2

If you live with that in mind
you’ll live a long time
and you’ll live in freedom.

Verse 3

If you ignore the real
you’ll just keep going round and round –
blind to the real
you’ll live in darkness.

Verse 4

The real is everywhere at once.
Without moving the real is faster than light.
It moves faster than you can think.
Without even moving
the real outruns all.
But for the real there would be nothing.

Verse 5

The real appears to move
yet never moves.
The real seems far away
yet is ever near.
The real is within all things
and also without.

Verse 6

If you see that all beings are just like you
and you are not different to them –
then you will live in harmony.

Verse 7

If you see that all things are part of you
and you are part of them –
then you will see the preciousness of all things.

Verse 8

If you live in the remembrance of the real
your consciousness will be ever bright.
Being neither here nor there
you will be everywhere –
in contentment there will be nothing you lack.

Verse 9-10

Those who lose themselves
in the world
live in darkness.
Those who try to run from it
fall into even deeper darkness.

Verse 11

The sage dispels the darkness
so that the light can be seen.  

Verses 12-13

There is both the seen and the unseen.
Don’t become infatuated with either
the seen or the unseen.

Verse 14

Beyond the seen and the unseen
there is the real.
All things appear out of
and return to the real.

Verses 15-16

The face of the real
is covered by a golden lid.
Don’t you wish to
lift a little that golden lid
that hides
the face of the real?

Verse 17

All things that appear
also disappear
yet there is no such thing
as destruction –
the light always returns
to its source.

Verse 18

That light
which is the life force of
your being
which is without form –
you are that.